IB Tauris, 2021

“’This is a well written and carefully researched book. One of its chief virtues is that it is independent minded, not following existing takes on the controversial issues it discusses. A core argument is that Muslim adaptation to Britain is continuous even if missed by polemicists and yet it does not follow that all Muslim groups have always made wise choices. In spite of rather than because of politicians’ demanding it, a distinctive British Islam has emerged. I learnt a lot from the book and will be recommending and citing it.” Tariq Modood, FBA, University of Bristol

“This book is a must-read for policymakers, researchers and teachers interested in Islam in the UK.” Sadek Hamid, The New Arab (here)

“Jones has written an important book that deserves attention, not only within academia. This work has the potential to serve as a handbook [and] should be read by those in power.” Garbi Schmidt, Journal of Contemporary Religion (here)

“In Islam and the Liberal State, Stephen H. Jones carefully interrogates and challenges the social and political hierarchies that disparage Islam and Muslim in Britain. He urges a transformation in how Islam is perceived in relation to the ‘liberal’ British state, authoritatively unpicking complexities in both. Methodologically-robust, reflective, critical and knowledgeable, this incisive yet nuanced book makes valuable contributions to the academic study of Islam and Muslims and nation states. Through the discussions it provokes in the public square, it will also influence everyday politics of being or perceiving Islam in Britain.” Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor, Associate Professor, Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK

“Essential reading for anyone wanting an up–to–date ‘state of the nation’ look at the British Muslim communities.” Simon Perfect, Theos (review here)

Islam and the Liberal State should be adopted as the new introductory text book on Islam in Britain for undergraduates.” Yahya Birt

“Stephen Jones has produced the first book of its kind, a work that considers the interaction of political liberalism with actual lived Islam in Britain. Islam and the Liberal State is both an urgent read in these populist times and a far-reaching vision for a better future.” Daniel Nilsson DeHanas, Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Religion, King’s College London, UK

“Amidst an avalanche of books on Muslim Britain, this deeply pondered work breaks new ground. It brings together two academic disciplines, usually kept apart, political theory and the empirical study of Muslims. Its major empirical contribution is to demonstrate how in the last twenty years, Muslim organisations have undergone significant religious change, to enable a shift from isolation to engagement with wider society.” Philip Lewis, author of Islamic Britain (IB Tauris), Young, British and Muslim (Continuum) and British Muslims (Edinburgh University Press) (review here)

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Cover image by Shaz Begg, reproduced with permission.