Subjects on which I have published recently include Islamophobia, religion and higher education, the political representation of religious minorities, faith and multiculturalism in Britain and the UK government’s preventing extremism strategy. Full details below. Pre-publication versions of some of these article are available on my page here.

Peer reviewed articles

Public_Understanding_of_ScienceJones SH, Elsdon-Baker F, Catto R, et al. (2020) What science means to me: Understanding personal identification with (evolutionary) science using the sociology of (non)religion. Public Understanding of Science: 0963662520923110. DOI: 10.1177/0963662520923110. (available here)

soc4_14_2_issue information.inddCatto RA, Jones S, Kaden T, et al. (2019) Diversification and internationalization in the sociological study of science and religion. Sociology Compass 13(8): e12721. DOI: 10.1111/soc4.12721. (available here)

Sociological_ReviewJones, S., Catto, R., Kaden, T., Elsdon-Baker, F. (2018) ‘“That is How Muslims Are Required to View the World”: Race, Culture and Belief in Non-Muslims’ Descriptions of Islam and Science’, The Sociological Review, DOI: 10.1177/0038026118778174 (available here)

Studies_in_Religion_Journal_Front_CoverKaden, T, Jones, S, Catto, R, Elsdon-Baker, F. (2017) ‘Knowledge as Explanandum: Disentangling Lay and Professional Perspectives on Science and Religion’, Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses, DOI: 10.1177/0008429817741448 (available here)

SociologyO’Toole, T., Meer, N., DeHanas, D.N., Jones, S.H. and Modood, T. (2016) ‘Governing through Prevent? Regulation and Contested Practice in State-Muslim Engagement’, Sociology, DOI: 10.1177/0038038514564437 (available here)

ERSJones, S.H. (2015) ‘The “Metropolis of Dissent”: Muslim Participation in Leicester and the “Failure” of Multiculturalism in Britain’, Ethnic and Racial Studies (available here)

BJPIRJones, S.H., O’Toole, T., DeHanas, D.N., Modood, T. and Meer, N. (2015), ‘“A ‘System of Self-appointed Leaders”? Examining Modes of Muslim Representation in Governance in Britain’, The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (available here)

ReligionsJones, S. H. (2013) ‘New Labour and the Re-Making of British Islam: The Radical Middle Way and the “Reclamation” of Islam’, Religions, 4 (4), pp. 550-566 (available here)

JCRDinham, A. and Jones, S.H. (2012), ‘Religion, Public Policy and the Academy: Brokering Public Faith in a Context of Ambivalence’, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 27 (2), pp. 185-201 (available here)

Pol GeogJones, S.H. and Clarke, D.B. (2006), ‘Waging Terror: The Geopolitics of the Real’, Political Geography, 25 (3), pp. 298-314 (available here)

Chapters in edited books

Rel litJones, S.H. ( 2015), ‘Religious Literacy in Higher Education’, in A. Dinham and M. Francis (eds.) Religious Literacy in Secular Society: Theories, Policies and Practices of Faith in the Public Realm, Policy Press/University of Chicago Press, pp.187-206 (details available here)

WomenandReligionJones, S.H. (2012), ‘Knowledge, Tradition and Authority in British Islamic Theology’, in M. Guest and E. Arweck (eds.) Religion and Knowledge: Sociological Perspectives, Aldershot: Ashgate, pp. 133-148 (details here)

Book reviews

JCRJones, S.H. (2016) ‘Review of Religion and Political Tolerance in America: Advances in the State of the Art, Paul A. Djupe (ed.), Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press’, Journal of Contemporary Religion, 31 (3), pp.420-422 (available here)


Jones, S.H. (2016) ‘Review of On British Islam: Religion, Law and Everyday Practice in Shari‘a Councils, John R. Bowen, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press’, Religion, State and Society (available here)

Reports to government, public bodies and others

BISHughes, T., Porter, A., Jones, S.H., and Sheen, J. (2013), Privately Funded Providers of Higher Education in the UK, London: Department for Business Innovation and Skills (available here)

Taking PartO’Toole, T., DeHanas, D.N., Modood, T., Meer, N. & Jones, S.H. (2013), Taking Part: Muslim Participation in Contemporary Governance, University of Bristol: Bristol (available here)

Bowes, L., Jones, S.H., Thomas, L., Moreton, R., Birkin, G., and Nathwani, T. (2013), The Uses and Impact of HEFCE Funding for Widening Participation, Bristol: Higher Education Funding Council for England (available here)

Diamond, A., Vorley, T., Roberts, J. and Jones, S.H. (2012), Behavioural Approaches to Understanding Student Choice, York: Higher Education Academy (available here)

Dinham, A. and Jones, S.H. (2011), Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education: Programme Evaluation: Phase I: September 2010 – February 2011, York: RLLP (available here)

Dinham, A. and Jones, S.H. (2010), Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education: An Analysis of Challenges of Religious Faith, and Resources for Meeting them, for University Leaders, York: RLLP (available here)

Dinham, A. and Jones, S.H. (2010), Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education: Leadership Challenges: Case Studies, York: RLLP (available here)

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